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In 2019, 613 people died in boating accidents, and the U.S. Coast Guard tallied 4,168 accidents. 

The marine patrol and safety organization estimates that boating mishaps cost recreational users $55 million in property damage.

Not shockingly, the cause of some of those injuries and damage reports was poor lighting on boats and docks.

That’s why having dependable lights for docks is important. And one of the easiest ways to make sure that your dock lights are on when you need them is to install solar-powered dock lighting. 

These attractive, dependable, and long-lasting lights turn on and off automatically. This means you’ll never return home without your port of call illuminated and ready for you to tie up. 

But replacing your dock lighting isn’t free. 

So in the following article, we’ll discuss the three reasons why solar-powered dock lights are the right choice for your boat’s berth. 

How Do Solar Lights for Docks Work?

Solar-powered lights are self-contained units that use an LED light powered by a solar cell. These lights include a long-lasting, high-efficiency battery for storing electricity. 

Contrary to popular belief, the lights work even when it has been cloudy or rainy because of the battery. The lights can go several days without sunlight to recharge them.

The lights turn on when the solar cell is done generating power for the day. Basically, the sun goes down, and the light turns on. 

Now that you understand how the lights work, here are three reasons why you should get them now. 

1. Safety First

The automatic activation of solar lights is one of their best selling points. You’ll never have to worry again if your lights are on when you return home as the sun goes down. This automatic feature is great peace of mind.

This isn’t just true for hitting the water but for walking on your dock as well. You’ll always have the correct amount of visibility on your dock, even if you’re coming down for a seat or a cast after a long day.

2. Savings and Longevity

Since the lights are solar-powered, you won’t pull from the electrical grid for your nightly usage. That adds up to saving on your utility bill.

Also, since solar-powered dock lights can last more than a decade, and battery replacements are easy to come by, you won’t have to invest your time maintaining these lights like you would conventional wired lights. 

3. Aesthetics and Cleanliness

Dock lights come in various colors and styles, so you have choices when selecting a dock light perfect for your tastes. 

And since they are self-contained units, solar-powered lights don’t require messy wiring jobs, fuse boxes, or on and off switches. 

One of the best choices is the piling light or solar cap. These cone-shaped lights sit atop your piling. Not only do they look great, but these lights also stop birds from sitting on your posts and making a mess of your dock. 

Don’t Forget the Environment

Not only are solar-powered units cost-effective, but these lights for docks are also beneficial to the environment. Anytime you switch to solar from conventional electric wiring, you are doing a small part to limit your carbon footprint.

Just like trash in your garbage can, everything adds up. Small changes in how you chose to light your surroundings and your dock can help the overall environment.

Are you ready to upgrade to solar lighting for your dock? Contact us today to find out more. 

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