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In the United States, boaters can choose from 12,000 marinas and 1.1 million boat slips to dock up. How can you make your marina stand out so boaters choose that location?

Maintaining the area to look nice and providing functional details will attract boaters and keep them happily docked. Read on to learn 4 ways to improve your boat marina!

1. Brighten Up the Dock

Though specifics vary by state, all docks must provide lighting from sunlight to sunrise. This helps in preventing injuries on the dock or in the water from difficulty seeing.

Falling on the dock itself leads to minor injuries like scrapes and bruises in most instances. But, if a boater cannot clearly see where to step, falling between the boat and the dock can result in broken bones, head injuries, drowning, and death.

To prevent such accidents, light up your entire marina at night! Solar lighting provides light without the need for electrical outlets and cords which can create both shock and tripping hazards.

You can opt for small dock lamps that can stick anywhere, like alongside the edges of the dock so people can see the edge. Tall dock posts with lights give a more luxurious feel to the marina. Blue lighting sets an amazing ambiance.

2. Guide Boats With Lights

The best marina improvements keep boaters and their boats safe. Dock and pier accidents pose great risks to boaters, especially at night. Expensive boats can also get damaged and destroyed if hit by another boater in the dark.

Avoid these types of incidents by providing guide lights throughout your marina. Post these tall lights in shallow water next to piers, docks, and boat slips so that captains can easily navigate their way through your waters at night. 

3. Create Traction

Even in the best lighting, slippery docks can result in falls. Splashing waves spilled buckets, and rainfall constantly wet the wooden docks in a marina.

Improve the traction with materials that offer grip beneath the feat. While grip tape works, materials like Teak and SeaDek offer efficiency and a nicer appearance. You want the decks to look nice when you light them up!

4. Offer Dock Accessories

Offering dock accessories will bring your marina to a whole new level for boaters. Think about the needs of the people who dock there.

All users can make use of a dock box where they can store chairs, towels, and gear off the boat and out of the elements. Fishermen will appreciate a filet table at the end of their slip for their catch of the day. Lighting them up with Doklamps is an easy choice.

Building dock ladders into the water provide an extra safety feature in case somebody accidentally ends up in the water. DokLamps will make everything easily accessible at night!

Improve Your Boat Marina

Attract boaters to your boat marina and keep your customers happy. Making simple improvements to lighting and functionality will make a huge difference in quality.

We offer solar lights that will both increase the opulence of your boat docks and increase safety for all of your boaters. Shop our products now!

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!