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Without proper lighting, it’s difficult to see the dock’s edge at night and avoid bumping into the edges. Even a low-speed bump can create significant damage when your boat collides with the dock.

Dock lighting can also help keep your boat safe and secure overnight. With good lighting, thieves and vandals are less likely to cause problems for your watercraft than if your boat sits in the dark. Darkness provides excellent cover for theft while your boat sits at the dock.

What do boat and dock owners need to know about boat docking lights? Keep reading to find out!

1. They Should Be Low Maintenance

When a light goes out, your dock becomes a hazard. If a boat operator can’t see where to dock or estimate the distance between the dock and the boat, a collision can occur.

Replacing light bulbs and fixing frayed wiring becomes a hassle to maintain marine dock lights that work consistently to keep dock users safe. However, choosing a maintenance-free system keeps your dock well-lit without the hassles of wiring or lightbulbs that don’t last.

Choose solar dock lights that are easy to install and don’t require wiring or maintenance. Powered by the sun during the day, these dock lights are always on when the sun goes down. The best solar lights are also impact-resistant to withstand bumps from boats docking at your marina.

2. They Should Be Safe

Dock lights with an electrical wiring system can become hazardous if damaged. Rain, lake, or seawater can erode the wire coverings for dock lights. Marine life and wildlife can also chew away the protective covers—leaving wires exposed.

Exposed wires increase the potential for boat users and marina caretakers to suffer an unexpected electrical shock. Touching the light’s metal housing or any nearby conductors can lead to serious injury.

Solar dock lights eliminate the potential for electrocution. There are no wires at risk of becoming exposed due to activity at the marina. Solar lights protect dock users and resist dangerous damage.

3. They Should Be Easy to Install

Positioning lights and wrangling with wiring can make it challenging to install new marine dock lights. However, boat docking lights don’t need to be challenging to install.

Skip the wiring and choose solar lights that are easy to install onto the top of pilings or any solid surface.

4. They Shouldn’t Be Too Bright

The “brighter the better” isn’t one of the best dock lighting ideas when shopping for the best lights for your marina. If lights are too bright, boat operators can become blinded and hit the dock at a bad angle or high rate of speed.

With solar-powered lights, your dock remains well-lit but not overpowering for incoming boats and operators.

Choose the Best Boat Docking Lights

Make it easy for boats to dock and stay safe at your marina! Choose from our selection of solar boat docking lights for the best illumination solution. Our lighting options are easy to install and just the right amount of light.

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!

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