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Tags: Dock Design, Solar Lights for Docks, Solar Powered Dock Lights, Boat Dock Lights, Boat Docking Lights, Boat Safety

Boating is not just a daytime activity. Sunset cruises and dock parties are another fun part of owning a boat. However, safety should always be your first concern.

Dock lights are an essential component for your pier, dock, or boat slip. They add not only style but help keep you, your guests, and other boaters safe by providing a well-lit area.

Traditional marine dock lights required wiring and higher utility bills. Now, with boat dock solar lights, it is easier and more economical than ever to have a stand-out dock.

Read on for more information on solar dock lights.

Ease of Use

There are some misconceptions about solar lighting for docks when in reality, they are quite easy to install and maintain.

Since there is no wiring involved, you don’t have to worry about hiring an electrician. Just pick the right spot and follow the attachment instructions. They only require regular cleaning and replacement batteries as needed.

These attractive and functional lights automatically come on when dusk falls and turn off in the morning. You don’t have to wonder if you remembered to turn them on before leaving the dock. Or worry about leaving them on all day and running up the electric bill.

And since they are powered by the sun, you can rest assured they will always be ready when you need them. Even on cloudy days, modern solar technology assures they still operate effectively.

The Safety of Boat Dock Solar Lights

Solar lighting is a low-maintenance option for protecting your guests and your dock. There are some simple rules to follow when adding dock lights.

Make sure to run the full length of the pier or dock. These areas are often uneven and people getting in and out of boats can easily lose their footing. Having adequate lighting shows them where to step.

It is important to include the very end of the pier or dock so incoming boats know exactly when and where to stop. This avoids collisions with other boats near the dock or the dock itself while navigating in the water.

Since the lights are on continuously, your boat and other valuable items have an added safety bonus of discouraging thieves or vandals. Most will not take the risk of being seen and getting caught.

Dock Lighting Ideas

Solar lighting provides versatility when it comes to placement and style ideas. Without wires, you can essentially put them anywhere light is needed.

Place them flush with the pier for a brilliant walkway. Add them to the pilings as a beacon for approaching boats. They make a great addition to a floating dock.

Add them to dock or pier ladders to guide those exiting a boat. Place them on mooring cleats for fast and precise securing of your watercraft.

Solar lights also come in a range of colors. Use them for a playful display and to add a festive touch for your summertime dock parties.

A Brilliant Idea

There are few things more relaxing and fun than a day (or evening) out on a boat. There are several safety factors involved in boating and boat dock solar lights are just one integral part.

Use these lights to securely navigate in and around the pier and dock. They also provide bright pathways for those walking.

Here at DokLite, we provide the best in high-quality American-made solar lights. We have products for all your dock lighting needs. Reach out today to see how we can assist you.

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