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About DokLiteĀ®

Here at DokLiteĀ®, we will repair or replace any part of your DokLiteĀ® or GuideLite that isnā€™t functioning correctly. The one-year warranty begins on your purchase date and continues the full calendar year. Customers with defective parts will receive a replacement free of charge. To execute the warranty, all customers must call DokLiteĀ® at 941-244-2306 to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number first. All products must be sent back accompanied with an RMA number. Customers are responsible for the shipping of their products back to DokLiteĀ® for repair. All DokLites and GuideLites will be inspected within two business days and repaired within seven business days. DokLites and GuideLites are both solar products. The operation of these products may vary depending on light exposure, placement, weather, and hours exposed. Before requesting an RMA number, we ask all of our customers to contact us and speak with one of our technicians to ensure your products are being used properly.

Here at DokLiteĀ®, we offer a 30-day Risk Free Trial to all of our customers. If you are not satisfied with your products, you are welcome to send them back for a full refund. We stand behind our products and want to guarantee your satisfaction.

DokLiteā€™s manufacturing facility is located in Englewood, Florida. All products sold by DokLiteĀ® are proudly manufactured in the United States. Our address is:

865 S. Indiana Ave. Englewood FL, 34223

DokLiteĀ® Solar Piling Caps

All DokLites are made with UV protected & impact-resistant plastic. They are equipped to withstand many different weather patterns to ensure they will last many years on your dock. We even tested our DokLites in hurricane conditions, with a complete success rate.

The DokLiteĀ®Ā has an IP65 rating, which makes it water resistant. DokLites were tested during Hurricane Irma with a 100% success rate. When properly installed, your DokLiteĀ®Ā should be able to withstand many different weather conditions. Simply ensure that your DokLiteĀ®Ā and its floor is sealed firmly to the piling to prevent any unwanted water intrusion.

Yes! Also, even if your product is out of warranty, we will repair and service it for you!

To ensure you purchase the correct size DokLiteĀ®, you will need to measure the diameter of your dock pilings. Remember, no piling is perfectly round! The list below will help you determine which size to get: 8 Inch DokLites Fit 6 to 8 inch pilings 9 inch DokLites Fit 7 to 9 inch pilings 10 inch DokLites Fit 8 to 10 inch pilingsĀ When in doubt, size up!Ā DokLites can hang over the sides of the piling and do not have to fit tight in order to be sealed. The floor included with the DokLiteĀ®, ensures a seal when properly installed.

The DokLiteĀ®Ā utilizes the best available technology in our batteries. Polymer Lithium batteries of this caliber have exceeded a 7 year life span.

Our DokLites are designed to last you for many years. Our goal is to have your dock illuminated as long as it is still standing. If you ever believe your DokLiteĀ®Ā needs any replacement parts, or service, simply give us a call at 941-244-2306 and we will be happy to help you. Even if your DokLiteĀ®Ā is out of warranty, we can still perform repairs on it!

The DokLiteĀ®Ā has a battery that will keep it illuminated for up to 24 hours on a full charge. However, the DokLites come equipped with a photo sensor that automatically turns it on at dusk and off at dawn.

Our DokLites currently come in two colors. You can choose between Blue or White LEDs, depending on your personal preference. Both colors are the same level of brightness, so it just comes down which color you like best!

The size of the DokLiteĀ®Ā you will need depends on the size of your dock pilings. Simply measure the diameter of your piling to determine the DokLiteĀ®Ā size you will need. If the diameter of your piling is between whole inches (8.5 inches, 9.5 inches, etc.) you must choose the larger size DokLiteĀ®. For example, if your piling has a diamter of 8.5 inches, a 9 inch DokLiteĀ®Ā will fit your piling perfectly.

All products from DokLiteĀ® are made in the USA. They are assembled and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Englewood, Florida.

Yes! DokLites are able to recharge under indirect light. If part of your dock has a canopy and is covered, they will still work perfectly!

Yes. Every DokLiteĀ®Ā contains a powerful photo-sensor. It will control your DokLiteĀ®Ā once it is installed. Each DokLiteĀ®Ā will turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

GuideLite Guide Post Lights

Yes! Also, even if your product is out of warranty, we will repair and service it for you!

Yes! GuideLites work great in any low light condition!

GuideLites are available in White and Blue.

As with any for of light outside, some insects will be attracted to it. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about any type of swarms to deal with!

Yes! GuideLites are able to recharge from indirect light. If your boat lift has a canopy, simply ensure your guide posts are cut down. For optimal performance, the guide posts should be halfway to the top of the canopy when the lift is drawn all the way up.

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