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Always cap your dock pilings.

There are no ifs or buts about it. You spent thousands of dollars on the construction of your dock. Letting your wood pilings rot to save a few bucks is a big mistake.

What can dock piling caps do for you? They prevent water from pooling on top of your poles, which is the easiest entry point to reach the center of the wood. That’s where the water rots the wood from the inside out.

The average cost to repair a boat dock is $1,860 according to HomeAdvisor. A piling cap only costs ten to twelve dollars. You can see how pile caps are a great investment.

That being said, how do you choose and install the right piling caps for your dock? Keep on reading to learn about your piling cap options to protect your dock.

Copper or Plastic?

When it comes to the piling cap material, there are two popular choices: copper and plastic.

Copper caps are a bit old school but they’re durable and can last for 20 years or more. The disadvantage is that they can turn into an ugly green color if the copper oxidizes.

Installation involves shaping the malleable metal with a hammer to fit the top of the piling and securing it with nails. While time-consuming, the process isn’t hard. You can even DIY copper capping your piles if you have the skills and equipment to cut a copper sheet.

Plastic caps, on the other hand, are very easy to mount. You just need the appropriate screws (about four to six) to hold them in place. You don’t need a hammer to make them fit snugly to your piling.

What you do need for plastic caps though are accurate measurements of the diameter of your poles. Make sure that you have the right size when you order them.

Flat vs Cone Dock Piling Caps

Both cap shapes can do a good job shielding the top of your pilings. How you choose between one or the other comes down to your taste. Some people prefer flat caps for aesthetic reasons, and for sitting a beverage.

Cone shapes do offer a slight advantage. They discourage birds from perching on top of your piles. If there are a lot of birds in your area, you won’t have to deal with the cleanup of bird droppings as much if you install cone caps.

The Best? Solar Powered Dock Lights

Sure, you can opt for regular piling caps to increase the lifespan of your dock. But why not hit two birds with one stone?

Solar dock lights can protect your pilings from rot AND provide illumination to your dock. An unlit dock invites accidents that can lead to serious injuries. The enhanced visibility keeps people safe and also alerts passing boats so they don’t crash into your dock.

Hospital bills and dock repairs aren’t cheap. If solar dock lighting can prevent just one accident from happening, then it has already paid for itself.

Installation is also easy as pie. There’s no need to call the handyman.

Capping Things Off

Did you find out which type of dock piling caps is right for you? You have a lot of options but if you want the best of the best, the only answer is DokLite piling lights.

Choose the piling cap that not only preserves your dock but also makes it a safe place. Contact us today to give your dock the finest lighting and protection it deserves.

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!