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How To Install Solar Piling Caps

Solar Piling Caps

Measure Your Piling

Before you order your piling caps, it is important to know which size to get. Most piling in the Southeast region of the United States will have between 8 inch and 10 inch pilings. Most places in the Northeast region will have larger 12 to 14 inch pilings. The size of the piling depends on the need for durability in different weather conditions. To find the size of your piling, simply measure the diameter of to insure you order the right piling caps. Be sure to round up to the nearest inch if your piling is in between inches. For example, if your piling measures 8.5 inches, then round up to 9 inches. This will ensure that the cap will fit properly on your piling.

Get The Right Tools

To install piling caps you will definitely need a screw gun or screwdriver. The hardware kit is included with the DokLite®, and comes with 3 stainless screws and 3 stainless steel cup washers. As an added accessory, you can choose to get tamper-proof screws. These will keep others from possibly stealing your piling caps.

Installing Your Piling Caps

The design of our DokLites allow you to install them in minutes. Simply turn the switch to ON, place the cap and floor onto the piling and press firmly to create a seal. All that’s left is to drill screws through the pre-drilled holes on the DokLite® piling cap to secure it. It’s as simple as that! Our goal here at DokLite® is to create durable products that serve many different purposes. We want your dock to not only be a beautiful place to spend time. We also want it to be a much safer area for everyone, whether it be boaters, or you and your family enjoying your dock at night.