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Ahoy there! Are you planning a boat trip in the summer?

If you are (especially with children) then you will know that boating accidents are a real concern and when it comes to children and water, safety is paramount.

At DokLite, we aim to promote water safety with the use of our solar powered dock lights, which prevent electricity based water accidents.

Preventing Boating Accidents

While many people are aware of the dangers of children playing near water, there is one devastating accident type that is rarely spoken about- electric shock drowning.

Before you panic and swear you will never let your children near water again, there are many ways that you can prevent this type of accident.

What is Electric Shock Drowning?

Electric shock drowning (also known as ESD) occurs when an electrical current gets into the water and shocks nearby swimmers.

The shock usually causes the swimmers to ‘freeze’ in the water. And as they are frozen or paralyzed, they cannot speak or move, so they drown. Most incidents of ESD reported globally happen in marinas, where there are boats and dock lights nearby.

Tips To Prevent ESD

As is the way with all health concerns, with a few tips, ESD can be avoided. Here are some tips to follow for electric shock drowning prevention.

Marinas Are A No-Go!

As mentioned before, the majority of ESD incidents on record happened in a marina. So, to prevent the chances of ESD, keep yourself and your children away from marinas when enjoying the water.

A distance of around 50 yards should suffice, but to be really safe, aim for 200 yards.

Spot A Problem? Call For Help!

If you spot someone in the water who is floating and non-responsive, don’t jump in.

As tempting as it may be, you are risking getting shocked too. Call for help, ensure that all power from nearby vessels is off and throw a preserver into the water before attempting to pull the person out.

Inspections Are Needed (If Applicable!)

ESD can happen at community pools, in-home swimming pools, and hot tubs too.

So, should you own any of these devices (lucky you!) be sure to have them regularly inspected. Every 6 months should suffice, especially in the summer months. If you own a boat, to prevent it from causing ESD, be sure to put it through a yearly MOT to check for potential electricity leaks.

Green Devices

OK, so there has been some debate about the usefulness of Green Devices concerning ESD.

Should you put them into the water of a marina when there is electricity present, they will alert you and you can steer clear. Unfortunately, they cannot predict if and when the water you are swimming in may become electrified.

But still, having a Green Device can be useful with home appliances like swimming pools. Just be sure to keep your pool or other electrical devices up to code.

Staying Safe In Water

When it comes to boating accidents and ESD, always be sure to check beforehand for signs of electrical activity (dead fish, electrical boats nearby). If you are in doubt, avoid getting in the water.

Was this article helpful? Visit our page at DokLite for more information on water, boating safety, our solar-powered lights and how they can keep water safe for everyone.

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