The Original Solar Piling Cap

Marine Grade and Made in the USA

Please Measure Each Piling Before You Order

All DokLite products come with free stainless steel installation hardware.

Guide Post Lite

Boat Lift Light
Original Solar Piling Cap

The Best Marine Guidance Light!

We manufacture every set of GuideLites in the USA. From the patent-pending poly used in the plastic, to the custom designed solar panels. We build our Guide Lite boat lift light to last. Our GuideLites fit snug into the 2 inch PVC pipe that comes with most boat lifts. The GuideLites can be seen from long distances, but not be blinding while up close. the achieve this we create a “glow” effect to ensure you can see every boat lift light. So, whether you are looking from 5 feet or 50 feet, you will still be able to know exactly where you boat lift is. 

Obviously, we make each GuideLite with safety in mind. Our goal is to make your boat lift and dock more visible. Centering your boat on the lift perfectly isn’t our only goal. Also, we want to ensure your boat lift is visible to all other boaters that happen to be on the water after sunset. There can be hundreds of boat lifts in any given canal system around the country. Our goal is to prevent as many marine accidents as possible. A boat lift light is just the first step.

Easy Installation

*WARNING: Guide Post Lights require vent holes drilled in mount post.*

Anyone can install a GuideLite in minutes. Simply slip the GuideLite into the 2 inch PVC pipe on your boat lift and hold it into place with the setting screw. For guide posts, a vent hole will need to be drilled 3 inches below the top of the 2 inch PVC pipe. Please follow included instructions.

Our goal here at DokLite is to create durable products that serve many different purposes. We don’t only want your dock to be beautiful place to spend time. We also want it to be a safe area for everyone, whether it be boaters, or you and your family enjoying your dock at night. If you have any questions regarding our GuideLite Boat Lift Light, please do not hesitate to call us (941) 244-2306 or contact us!

Available in Blue and White!

Solar Powered

To power the GuideLites, we miniaturized the elite solar technology used in our DokLite Solar Piling Caps to fit perfectly into the top of each GuideLite. With this solar technology, GuideLites will work in direct, and indirect sunlight. Also, they automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn on a full charge.

Original Solar Piling Cap

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