The Original Solar Piling Cap

Marine Grade and Made in the USA

Please Measure Each Piling Before You Order

White Solar Dock Light – 11 Inch Cap

This cap is designed for 10 to 11 inch wood pilings, Simpson Pilings, Ecopile Pilings, SCH 40 Steel Pilings. Please measure the diameter of the top of your piling using a ruler, or measuring tape. If your piling ranges from more than 10 inches to EXACTLY 11 inches, this is the size for you. If your piling is larger than exactly 11 inches, you will need the larger size. When in doubt, size up!


White Solar Dock Light – 11 Inch Cap

U.S. Patent # 10,989,379

U.S. Patent # 10,424,173

U.S. Design Patent # D857,975

Other Patents Pending


DokLites are the world’s most functional dock lighting system available. Its technology has multiple patents and brings a new era in lighting for docks, decks and waterway obstructions. With a solar power design, all DokLites are maintenance free, and eliminate the need for any further electrical work on your dock.

DokLites serve the conventional purposes of piling cap, whether it be to guard against birds or rain. They also use Mil-Spec micro-processor circuitry to create a comfortable, ambient light on your dock. Each has a UV and impact resistant housing. DokLites, and the LEDS within them, will last and be protected for years. To help your DokLite® last longer, we suggest using our DokShine Plastic Polish! OurDokShine Plastic Polish will help protect your DokLite® for many years.

Here at DokLite®, we design and build all of our products in the USA. We commit ourselves to superior, American-made products that will last for years to come. Because of this, all of our DokLites come with a warranty to ensure your dock will be illuminated for many years to come.


The design of our DokLites allow you to install them in minutes. Simply turn the switch to ON, place the cap and floor onto the piling and press firmly to create a seal. All that’s left is to drill screws through the pre-drilled holes on the DokLite® piling cap to secure it. It’s as simple as that!

Our goal here at DokLite® is to create durable products that serve many different purposes. We want your dock to not only be a beautiful place to spend time. We also want it to be a much safer area for everyone, whether it be boaters, or you and your family enjoying your dock at night.