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Did you know that darkness increases the risk of accidents happening by 40%? Throw in a dock, water on all sides, and a party, and the likelihood of someone have an accident is even higher.

Because of this, it’s essential that you have adequate lighting on your dock before you make any outdoor entertaining plans.

However, residential dock lighting isn’t just about functionality. Having enough lighting is vital to ensure that your guests don’t fall off your dock and hurt themselves. But just as important, the right kind of dock lighting will also make your boat dock an attractive feature of your outdoor space.

There’s nothing  attractive about a dark dock. Throw in some well thought out dock lighting ideas, and your dock is going to look dazzling.

Eager to get your dock illuminated for your next outdoor do? If yes, keep reading for a few top residential dock lighting tips.

Set the Mood With Decorative Lights

It’s scientifically proven that lighting sets the mood. Therefore, if you are aiming for a particular look and feel for your outdoor space, you might want to incorporate a few decorative lights on, or at the entrance to, your dock

To give you some ideas, let’s take a look at a couple of different decorative lights you could consider adding to your residential dock lighting setup.

For one, fairy lights are very popular and typically give a relaxed, “magical” feeling to spaces. To incorporate fairy lights into your dock lighting setup, you can opt to twine them around your dock’s pilings if they stick up above the surface of the dock.

If you have a rope or a railing running between the pilings, you can also string the fairy lights around those. Just make sure you secure the fairy lights to something, do not let them run along the ground or the dock itself as they can be a tripping hazard.

Other decorative lighting ideas include colored LED lights or occasion themed lighting such as Christmas or Halloween lights.

Illuminate the Dock With Pole Lights or Dock Lamps

While decorative lighting is nice to have, what’s essential is that you provide adequate area lighting on your dock. Fairy lights might look great, but they are not going to give enough light to make your dock safe at night.

To illuminate your dock, you can choose to invest in pole lights, dock post lights, or dock lamps.

One of the most straightforward solutions you can find is our DokLamps. Made in the US and engineered to military and marine standards, our DockLamps are incredibly durable and longlasting. What’s more, you can mount them just about anywhere you wish.

A lot of residential dock lighting solutions require you to lay out extra cash for installing mounting poles. Not so with our Doklamps.

We have designed these marine-grade lamps to fit on any solid surface. This means that you can mount them on poles, dock posts and pilings, on handrails, tables, decking, walls, and more. Doklamp products can also be washed down and are non-blinding.

While Doklamps can be seen from far, up close they are gentle on the eyes, something that is very important in a dock light.

Besides this, all of our dock light fixtures are solar-powered. Therefore, you also won’t have to worry about installing any wiring to your dock. As solar dock lights don’t require any outside power, they also won’t affect your electricity bill.

Lastly, solar-powered dock lights are also better for the environment.

Mark Your Dock Edge With Piling Lighting

To maximize safety and illumination on your dock, another tip is to install lighting that demarcates the dock edges.

Depending on the circumstances, area lighting might not be enough to stop people from misplacing their footing. Lights along the edges of the dock are a great way to prevent this and clearly mark the borders of the dock. If there is going to be any getting on and off boats at night, then this kind of lighting is doubly essential.

Because we are dock lighting pros, we have an ideal product for this purpose. Our Doklites are designed to be a plug and play solution for all your dock lighting needs. They can be screwed into place directly atop your dock’s pilings.

Besides this, they can also be fixed to the upside of your dock itself, if it does not have protruding pilings. Like the DokLamp, our DokLites are also designed to withstand the most extreme conditions the outdoor environment can throw at them. They are 100% made in the USA and come with a guarantee.

Additionally, DokLites are also solar-powered, meaning you don’t need to install electrical wiring on your dock or ever to do wiring maintenance. Docks and wiring don’t mix (for obvious reasons), which means that dock wiring installations and maintenance tend to be costly and have to be carried out by a certified electrician.

With our solar powered dock lights, you can skip all of this and let the stored energy of the sun light up your dock at night.

Ready to Set up Your Residential Dock Lighting?

Whether you are planning to do some outdoor entertaining around your dock area or want to use your dock in any way at night—adequate lighting is a must.

To start, you should focus on making sure that your residential dock lighting setup includes enough light to render your dock well illuminated and safe for nighttime use. Once that’s done, you can also look into upping the charm factor and including some decorative lighting as well.

Are you ready to throw some environmentally-friendly, hassle-free, light on your dock? If so, check out our made in the USA DokLites today.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, and we will be most happy to help.