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Did you know that in 2017 there were 11,961,568 registered vessels in the U.S.? Are you looking to make sure your boat or vessel glows all night on your dock? 

In this article, learn all about solar dock lights and why you’ll want them for your dock. Read on to find out why these lights are the right fit for you and will help your dock stay lit all night. 

How Does Solar Powered Dock Lighting Work? 

When it’s daytime, your solar dock lights will absorb light from the sun. This light is then stored into a small battery. When it’s no longer light out, the battery’s power activates the LED light. 

Your light will stay on until the battery runs out of power from the sun. Sometimes, people believe that solar lights will only work on sunny days. While they won’t recharge on cloudy days, they can still work. 

If you choose a large battery, some can store enough light that lasts for days. If you live in a cloudy area, it’s worth considering a larger battery. 

What Are the Benefits of Boat Dock Solar Lights?

A large benefit of solar-powered dock lighting is an easy installation. Whereas, more traditional dock lighting you have to worry about the hassle of installing them. 

You don’t have to worry about power sources or wiring. They also don’t draw electricity from your power grid so it won’t affect your bill. 

They’re generally safe to use even near swimming pools or ponds as many are designed to be fairly water-resistant. That said, always research the lights you’re using and make sure they’re safe for the purposes you intend.

A great example is the Solar DokLamp. Available in both white and blue, it works with both indirect and direct light sunlight. Just use the screws that come with it and you can choose the perfect spot. 

Why Choose Solar Lights?

Not only are they eco-friendly, but they save you on your power bill plus increase safety. Safety issues can occur if you don’t have the proper lighting on your dock. 

If you’re walking on your dock late at night without lighting, you can fall either on the dock or into the water. Solar-powered dock lighting will ensure you have a well-lit dock so you can see where you’re going. 

Not only are they easier to place, but they’re easy to maintain as well. You put them in the desired location and can enjoy them without having to worry about wires. 

Since you’re relying on the sun for energy, it can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bill. 

Will I Receive a Tax Incentive?

Certain areas can qualify for tax incentives and grants. You can check out your area to find out what grants or incentives are available. 

Are Dock Lights Weatherproof?

Solar lights are made for all temperatures, but glass ones shouldn’t be left in snowy or rainy areas. If you’re expecting any extreme storms, you shouldn’t leave them out. 

This can lead to damage to your dock lights. If you’re worried about your lights blowing away, you can also look into hanging fixtures. 

Hanging lights look great around creeks, ponds, and pools. 

Dock Lighting Tips

When choosing where to place your solar pier lights, make sure you’re lighting the pathway. This is an ideal option for safety. You can place your dock lights along the path of the dock to light the way. 

Avoid Large Lights

Try to avoid lights that encompass a large area that would annoy your neighbors. 

Another option is to place the lights along the water’s edge. 

Choose Colored Lights

Why just stick with white? You can choose different colors that can help guide your boat back to safety. If the weather turns bad it’s a great option to find your way back. 

You can choose different color lights for where to stop, and others for where to go. You can always switch the colors too, with white and blue to choose from.

A great choice for multiple colors is the Solar Guide Post Lite. You can choose between white or blue. They’re perfect for a 2-inch PVC pipe. They can be used for indirect or direct light.

Choose Strong Lighting Options

Since your dock lights will be exposed to the elements, you want one that’s strong enough and will last. Choose from different plastic options. Avoid metal if you’re worried about the corrosion in saltwater. 

Try Different Styles

Gone are the days of traditional dock styles with one option. You can choose from several different options to light the way. You can choose walkway lights, safety lamps, or lamp lights. 

Solar vs Wired

While solar-powered lights seem expensive, it’s actually affordable and saves you on your electricity bill since you’re not using electricity from a power grid. The traditional wired route is also more time-consuming and harder to install than solar dock lights

You still need to keep in mind that with solar lights you will have to replace your batteries at some point. You also have to consider how much sun they’ll get in the area you place them. 

The wired option will cost more overall since you’ll have to worry about your electricity bill going up. You also have to worry about what voltage you use to power your lights. 

If you choose a household voltage (120V), that may be a potential electrical hazard. While high voltage often gives you a lot of light, you have more of a risk of sparking and electrocution. 

If you decide that you’d like a solar light to go with you while out kayaking, check out the Solar Kayak Lite. You can choose between white and blue, and the pole length as well. 

Exploring Questions About Solar Dock Lights

Now that you’ve explored the different questions to solar dock lights, you should have a better idea of why these are so beneficial. 

Are you ready to install solar dock lights for a well-lit and safer dock?

Check out our variety of products made in the U.S. today. Whether you’re looking to light your dock or the water’s edge, we’ve got you covered.