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The Silent Killer: The Top Tips to Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

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According to data from the National Coast Guard, boating injuries are down 4.5%. However, there were still 2,511 documented boating injuries in 2018 alone.

While the most danger is present out on the water, once you have securely docked your vessel, there is still a chance that accidents might happen. Getting on and off a swaying boat can be tricky, especially for the landlubbers among us.

What’s more, successfully hopping from boat to dock can be especially difficult in the dark, after a couple of sundowners out on the water.

The takeaway? You need piling caps for your dock. Piling caps are a type of dock lighting fixture. They illuminate your dock, increasing the safety of both you, your boat passengers, and your vessel.

Want to know what’s even better than piling caps? Solar-powered piling caps. In this guide, we are going to cover the benefits of lighting up your dock and why solar is the perfect way to do this.

Keep reading to find out why solar piling caps are the ultimate answer for dock lighting.

Why Are Dock Lighting Fixtures Important?

As we said above, boat dock lighting fixtures are important for preventing you and any guests from experiencing an accident while climbing on and off your vessel.

Boat dock lights also help to prevent people from missing their footing while walking around on the dock. If you are moving any type of stuff around your dock at night, such as luggage, cooler boxes, hampers, etc., it’s doubly important to make sure the area’s illuminated.

Besides protecting you and your boating guests from mishaps, boat dock lights also work to keep your vessel safe. Reports state that marina crime has gradually increased, and recommends that dock owners install lighting to discourage theft and vandalism.

Marine components generally cost a lot more than items for land use do. Removable items such as winches, consoles, rigging, outboards engines, and even marine cushions, can cost you a pretty penny to replace.

In contrast, investing in outdoor dock lights won’t set you back all that much, and it will protect the more costly items on your boat from theft and vandalism.

What Are Lighted Piling Caps?

Now that we’ve covered why you need marine dock lighting fixtures on your pier let’s take a look at what piling caps are exactly.

Piling caps are a specific type of boat dock lights. Designed to be mounted onto piling (hence the name), they have a conical cap at the top and a light fixture underneath this.

Now that you have a clear picture of what piling caps are let’s take a look at the benefits of going solar with your piling caps.

Why Go Solar With Your Piling Caps

Piling caps are one of the easiest boat dock lighting fixtures to install, especially if you have raised piling on your dock.

What’s even easier is installing solar piling caps. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the solar route when it comes to piling caps.

You Won’t Need an Electrician

One of the big benefits of solar dock lights is that you won’t need to get an electrician in to install them.

When installing regular dock lighting fixtures, you will need the help of a qualified electrician. Even if you have experience with wiring and routing cables, marine lighting is a different ball game.

Thanks to the fact that your boat dock lights will be exposed to saltwater, sun, and wind, any wiring needs to be thoroughly protected.

Now, with solar outdoor dock lights, there is no wiring. To install them, all you need to do is mount the fixture. If you have a drill and a few minutes, you can install your dock lights yourself.

Your Electricity Bill Will Remain Unchanged

Lights don’t use up a lot of power. However, if you have a few pairs of dock lights that burn every night, this can have an impact on your electricity bill.

This is another thing you don’t have to worry about with solar piling caps. Solar dock lights don’t use any electricity other than what they generate from the sun.

You Can Install Solar Dock Light Fixtures Anywhere

Is your dock situated some distance from a source of power? If so, solar lights are the perfect solution. For an out of the way dock, that needs illumination; you can simply install your piling caps—without having to give a thought to routing power.

You’ll Be Doing Something Good for the Environment

At this point, it’s apparent that we cannot continue at this rate of carbon emissions and expect to survive on our planet. Solar energy is largely viewed as one of the solutions to this crisis. However, not everybody has the capability to install full-scale solar setups for their homes.

Installing solar boat dock lighting is an easy way to make a positive choice without breaking the bank.

They Can Last You for Years

Another benefit to solar boat dock lights is they can last you a long time. This can save you in replacement costs and the hassle of reinstallation.

Our solar piling caps are made to a patented design that uses military and aerospace-grade technology, meeting the strictest of government and military criteria.

We have designed every single component in our lights for longevity. Our lights are so strong, you can expose them to hurricane-level weather.

Go Solar With Your Piling Caps

As you can see, installing dock lighting fixtures is incredibly important if you are going to be using your dock at night, or want to illuminate it for security reasons.

Solar boat docks lights are one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. They are incredibly simple to mount, won’t drive up your electricity bill, aren’t reliant on a power source, and can last for many years in the harshest of conditions.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of solar dock lighting fixtures today, check out our range of solar piling caps. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.