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Tags: Solar Post Cap Lights, Solar Post Caps, Solar Dock Lights, Boat Docking Lights, Led Dock Lights

Don’t leave your dock in the dark. State laws require that you light your dock from sunset to sunlight.

But the law does not mandate the type of lighting you use. Traditional lighting works, but solar lighting excels at making your marina shine!

Keep reading to learn the bright advantages of solar energy.

Classy Appearance

Solar-powered Doklights upgrade your dock with a classier appearance. Use these lights for both the tall post lights and as dock caps.

At night, they glow a little more elegant than other lights. The white lights give off a traditional dock look. The blue counterparts offer an edge up on the ambiance, making your space appear trendy and opulent.

While most lights look fine at night, many serve as a big eyesore during the day. They may require wires that you must secure to posts, but can still see.

These solar-powered dock lights, however, come with a sleek design that looks nice day or night. Solar power eliminates the need for unsightly wiring, so everything appears neat and beautiful.


Go green with your lighting! Solar LED lighting allows you to look good while doing good for our planet.

Electricity generally comes from fossil fuels, nuclear energy, or renewable resources, like wind, geothermal, or solar. The first two sources carry a lot of baggage.

Fossil fuels, like natural gas, coal, and petroleum, come in limited supply. Once we use them up, it can take thousands of years to replenish them.

These substances cannot power your dock as they come in their natural state. The energy companies must burn them to create combustion, and this releases greenhouse gasses, like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane into the air, along with other pollutants.

Greenhouse gasses bounce around the atmosphere and put holes in our ozone layer that protects us from the sun. The pollutants can make the air we breathe harmful to our health.

Nuclear energy carries great risk. Nuclear meltdowns, like the ones that happened at Fukushima and Chernobyl, can occur. They destroy large areas of land and deform or kill living things in a wide vicinity for years after.

Solar dock lights use the sun for energy, a wildly abundant resource. They do not require the combustion of fossil fuels, and so the energy you get is clean.


Traditional lighting runs off of the power grid. So, every night, you pay for the lights to stay on.

Fortunately, nobody has control over the supply of sunshine. Every day the Earth rotates to face the sun from dawn until dusk, and it provides you with energy to light your dock at no cost.

Easy Installation

Solar lights do not require wiring. This means no complicated installation by an electrician. This saves time, money, and effort.


Though we saved it for last, safety comes first. Failing to light your dock can result in you or other boats hitting the structure or your boat.

Lighting your space avoids people falling on the dock and into the water, which can lead to serious injuries and death. Since solar lights do not need wiring, you also eliminate any tripping hazards.

You Will Love the Advantages of Solar Energy

Are you ready for a change?

Switch your dock lights to solar power today! You will enjoy the advantages of solar energy as you look around at the beautiful lights that don’t cost too much and keep you safe.

We want to help make your dock shine bright so it stands out to everybody from near and far! Shop now for solar LED lighting and other doc needs.

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!