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Tags: Solar Post Cap Lights, Solar Post Caps, Solar Dock Lights, Boat Docking Lights, Led Dock Lights

Did you know that it can take several hours for your eyes to adjust to the dark? We have all tried to force our eyes to adjust faster and ended up fumbling around in the dark, knocking things over…but on a dock…it could be dangerous and lead to injury! That is why proper dock lighting is so important!

We are going to walk you through why you need dock lights and what the best lighting is for your dock! So, before you get left in the dark…Let’s take a look!

Dock Safety

As we said, without proper lighting, you can easily get hurt in the dark on your dock! There are plenty of areas on your dock that will benefit from lighting, including the pilings, guideposts, and even under your dock. Consider using a Doklamp which can be placed anywhere as long as the surface is solid!

Security of the Dock

Studies show that almost 50% of property crime happens at night, and if you don’t have proper lighting to secure your dock, you are asking for trouble! Not only are the items on your dock at risk of being damaged or stolen, but your vessels are also at risk. Consider placing solar DokLites on all of the pilings around your dock to secure your boat and your dock!

Improves Dock Appeal

We’ve all seen the eyesore dock on the canal…Don’t let it be you! Installing dock lighting is a simple way to upgrade your dock without breaking the budget. Blue DokLites make for a really unique aesthetic for a dock, and white Doklites are perfect for a classic dock look.

Choosing Dock Lights

When choosing dock lights online, you have several styles and colors to choose from that will improve your dock aesthetic and dock safety. DokLite solar caps are ideal for adding light to your pilings, and they help protect pilings from rain and birds. The DokLite solar caps conveniently are powered by the sun, as they are Solar powered.

The solar DokLamps are easy to use, portable, and washable, so they are ideal for fish cleaning stations and tables on your dock. Surrounding your dock, you should have guide posts for safety, but if they are not properly lit, they are useless at night. Luckily these guidelites are simple to install and available in both blue and white.

Finding the Best Dock Lighting

As you can see, having ample dock lighting is crucial for your dock! With that being said…Where can you find the best dock lights online? Don’t worry…We have got you covered!

Our Solar DokLites are simple to install, patented, and made right here in the USA! We strive to bring you innovative products at a great price, so if you are looking to get your dock up to speed, then contact us today so we can help you find the perfect lighting for your needs!


If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!