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An unlit dock is an accident waiting to happen. Trying to navigate uneven planks in the dark can result in trips and falls. Poor visibility also puts your dock at risk of being hit by a passing boat. 

A few small scrapes and bruises are no big deal, but more severe injuries can have serious consequences. If you want to avoid hospitalization, steep medical bills, and lawsuits you should install lights on your dock pilings today. 

Of course, enhanced safety isn’t the only benefit of dock piling lights. You’ll love the atmosphere they create, the protection they provide from the elements, and more. Keep reading to learn all about piling lights and why you need them. 

What Are Dock Piling Lights?

Piling lights are mounted on top of your dock pilings to illuminate your floating platform. They improve nighttime visibility for you, your guests, and boaters. 

Our DokLite piling cap lights are solar-powered and feature hassle-free installation. They produce pleasant, gentle light and last for years. If you want a low-maintenance, simple dock lighting solution, adding piling lights is a no-brainer. 

Safety First

Many accidents happen in the dark, especially when people are drinking. If you love to socialize on your dock at night, dock piling lights will keep you and your guests safe. Nothing ruins a good party like performing an emergency rescue after someone falls over the edge.

Lighting your dock pilings will also make your dock clearly visible to passing boats. Not everyone on the water knows how to operate their vessel safely, so it’s important to protect yourself. Boats have navigation lights to mark their location, and your dock should too. 

If a vessel crashes into your dock while you’re on it, the results could be catastrophic. Even if you’re not present at the time of the incident, a hit and run is bound to be stressful and expensive. Dock repairs aren’t cheap.  

Take smart precautions as soon as possible to keep your friends and family safe. Dock piling lights are an easy, affordable way to protect your loved ones. 

Set the Mood 

The soft glow of solar dock piling lights creates the perfect ambiance for relaxing with friends. They are bright enough to enhance visibility, but not at all blinding. 

Craft a cozy space for entertaining on your dock with a table, chairs, and some decorative touches. Your piling lights will look great with nautical pillows and perhaps a few strands of string lights. 

You’ll enjoy gazing out the window at your beautifully lit dock even when you’re stuck inside. Having a view of the water around the clock is a real treat. Get ready to receive compliments from your neighbors. 

Light the Way for Your Favorite Hobbies

Whether you’re fishing from your own personal pier or sipping sunset cocktails with friends, being able to see is essential. 

Dock piling lights will illuminate your tackle box for night fishing, but they’re not harsh enough to scare away the fish. Consider combining them with underwater lights to lure your prize catch right to the end of your line. 

If you’re arriving home late after a day of boating, the dock lights will make it easy to see the lift or pilings you need to tie up to. You’ll also be grateful for them when you don’t have to climb off the boat in the dark. 

Protect Your Pilings

Birds, rain, and salty air can have detrimental effects on your dock pilings. Luckily, your DokLite piling lights will double as dock piling covers. 

Our cone-shaped design makes it difficult for birds to land and relieve themselves on your clean pilings. If you’ve ever tried to clean bird droppings off of your dock, you know how difficult it can be. Save yourself the trouble!

Piling lights also protect your pilings from moisture accumulation. Mildew is a dock’s worst enemy, so anything you can do to keep the area dry is well worth the investment. 

Solar Dock Piling Lights Are Eco-Friendly

Boaters tend to be environmentally conscious people who love spending time on the water. When you purchase solar dock piling lights, you can feel good about making an eco-friendly choice. They are 100% powered by clean energy from the sun. 

Each piling light comes equipped with a solar cell that uses the sun’s rays to charge a small battery. The stored energy is enough to power the light all night long.

Additionally, energy is never wasted, because the piling lights are triggered by a light sensor. When the sun sets, they turn on. They are never left running unnecessarily during the day. 

Save Money

Although our dock piling lights come with an initial cost, they will save you money over time. 

Adding conventional lights to your dock pilings would require the help of an electrician. New wiring is expensive, and electrical systems are susceptible to water damage and corrosion. If rewiring your dock every few years sounds unappealing, go with solar lights. 

DokLite piling lights won’t affect your electricity bill, so the savings can really add up. In the long run, solar lights for dock pilings cost less than models that require hardwiring. 

There Are So Many Reasons to Light Your Dock Pilings

Adding lights to your dock pilings is a smart idea for so many reasons. Marking the edge of your dock and illuminating the area at night will reduce the risk that someone will get injured. 

They’re also nice to look at and can help set the mood for your outdoor gatherings. You can install our solar dock piling lights in minutes – no handyman needed! After they are mounted on your pilings, you’ll enjoy years of protection from the elements. 

If you’re interested in purchasing piling lights for your dock, contact us today. The best time to make your home safer is now. You’ll be so glad you did.  

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!

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