Why DokLites®?

Our DokLites not only help transform your dock into a more enjoyable living space, they are also an important safety feature. DokLites make your dock more visible to nighttime boaters so you can avoid any unwanted accidents.

A visible dock is the first step towards protecting yourself and other boaters from dangerous marine accidents. Each year, hundreds of people fall victim to fatal boating accidents. Our DokLites are just one of many ways to combat those tragic statistics.

The Original Solar Piling Cap • DokLite
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The Original Solar Piling Cap®

White Solar DokLites

In-stock and available
8" thru 12''

Made in the U.S.A.

Every DokLite is made in Englewood, FL.

Blue Solar DokLites

In-stock and available
8'' thru 12'' 
Original Solar Piling Cap • DokLite

Made in the U.S.A.

After three years of development, our first product DokLite Solar Piling Cap was brought to market. It was initially designed as a Marine Aid to Navigation (ATON). Instead, we made the decision to make it available to anyone in the public markets. It has a patented design that uses military and aerospace grade technology. It’s design meets  the strictest of military and government standards. Every detail, down to our rubber encapsulated circuit boards, has been designed for longevity.

More from DokLite

Black Piling Caps

In-stock and available in  8'', 8.5'', 9'',9.5'',10'' 


Edge Lights are sold in pairs, automatic on/off, 36 hours on full charge, 60 Lumens.

Steel Post Light

Steel posts are designed for popular do-it-yourself docks, tommy docks, and fencing.

Product Reviews

Marsha Hove
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After spending a fortune on a new sea wall and boat dock, the biggest and best part of the project are the dock lights. The individuals at Dock Life in Englewood, FL could not have been more helpful and accommodating! This is our second set of lights that we purchased from them because we loved the first set so much! The quality is outstanding and customer support couldn’t be better. I would not hesitate to recommend them and purchase from them again.
Lora Caddy
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Wow! We are thrilled with our new DokLites. Customer Service has been on point throughout the whole process.
John Snider
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Love my Doklites. I ordered 16 Doklites and 36 Dokcaps, they were shipped immediately and I received them in a couple of days. The Lights are awesome and the Dokcaps are much better than other vendors at a higher price. One of the lights quit working and they worked with me to get a replacement module shipped right out. Definitely a great company.
Frank Radtke
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Frank and the guys are great! Gave me some sample post caps to try/ size on my dock after a 5 minute visit. I purchased some lights and Frank gave me a new product to try at no charge (It lights up my hose area nicely). The lights themselves are awesome. Easy to install. I purchased the blue lights. Super cool. I’m having my dock overhauled so I’ll have to go back and grab a couple more. Highly recommend. Doc Radtke, Manasota Key, Florida
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