Why Solar Piling Caps Are The Best Dock Accessory of 2019

Waterway Safety

Each year, thousands of marine vehicles collide with waterway obstructions resulting in millions of dollars in damages. With DokLite Solar Piling Caps by DokLife, your dock will be visible from yards away, which will keep those crazy boat drivers at bay.

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid something, is by actually being able to see it. So, naturally, illuminated docks are one of the best defenses against tragic boating accidents. These solar piling caps are meant for much more than just personal docks. They can be applied to almost any waterway obstruction; public waterways, abandoned marine construction, and so much more. Check out the photo below for a comparison of how dark a dock can be before the sun is entirely down. You don’t want to be left in the dark!

Dock Lights Piling Caps

Brighter & Safer Parties

Who doesn’t love dock parties? The bigger the dock, the bigger the party! However, someone falling off the dock, and possibly getting hurt, can ruin anyone’s buzz. Here at DokLite, we want to make sure your buzz never gets killed. Thanks to your dock being illuminated, you’ll be able to see where the dock ends and the dark water begins, so you won’t be partying blind! 

Solar Piling Cap

How To Install Piling Caps

Measure Your Piling

Before you order your piling caps, it is important to know which size to get. Most piling in the Southeast region of the United States will have between 8 inch and 10 inch pilings. Most places in the Northeast region will have larger 12 to 14 inch pilings. The size of the piling depends on the need for durability in different weather conditions.

To find the size of your piling, simply measure the diameter of to insure you order the right piling caps. Be sure to round up to the nearest inch if your piling is in between inches. For example, if your piling measures 8.5 inches, then round up to 9 inches. This will ensure that the cap will fit properly on your piling.

Get The Right Tools

To install piling caps you will definitely need a screw gun or screwdriver. The hardware kit is included with the DokLite, and comes with 3 stainless screws and 3 stainless steel cup washers. As an added accessory, you can choose to get tamper-proof screws. These will keep others from possibly stealing your piling caps.

Piling Caps

Installing Your Piling Caps

The design of our DokLites allow you to install them in minutes. Simply turn the switch to ON, place the cap and floor onto the piling and press firmly to create a seal. All that’s left is to drill screws through the pre-drilled holes on the DokLite piling cap to secure it. It’s as simple as that!

Our goal here at DokLite is to create durable products that serve many different purposes. We want your dock to not only be a beautiful place to spend time. We also want it to be a much safer area for everyone, whether it be boaters, or you and your family enjoying your dock at night.

Piling Caps

DokLite: The Safest & Brightest Piling Cap In The World

The World’s Best Piling Cap

Solar Piling Caps

DokLite Piling Caps were designed in the United States with one main goal in mind; safety. Each year, thousands of marine accidents involving marine constructions (docks, piers, etc.) plaque waterfront communities. Many of these accidents occur at night. The DokLite Piling Cap serves two purpose. First, it protects your pilings, like traditional piling caps. Second, it illuminates your dock creating a more enjoyable and safer environment for everyone.

A normal piling cap may protect your pilings from weather and harsh conditions, but that’s all they do. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down, you’ll have trouble safely walking around your dock. Most importantly, other boaters in the waterway near your dock will not be able to see your dock. In turn, this will increase the risk of damage to your dock or other property from unsuspecting boaters.

Every DokLite is equipped with a solar panel. So, whenever the piling cap is not lit, it’s charging! You’ll never have to worry about changing or charging any batteries. DokLites will automatically turn themselves on each night, and off each morning. This ensures that your dock is lit during any low light conditions! By creating low-maintenance products, we can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your DokLife without having to worry about doing anything at all!

The Best American Made Piling Caps

Solar Piling Cap

Never Settle For Less

At DokLite, we pride ourselves on creating the world’s safest, and strongest piling capsAfter three years of design and development, our first product, the DokLite Solar Piling Cap was finally brought to market. It was initially designed as a Marine Aid To Navigation (ATON). Instead, we made the decision to make it available to anyone in the public markets. Its patented design uses military and aerospace grade technology. Its design meets the strictest of military and government standards. Every detail, down to our rubber encapsulated circuit boards, has been designed for longevity. The DokLite can be exposed to the harshest of conditions, including hurricane weather. The clear housing is impact resistant to protect the embedded electronics and premium lithium battery. All of this attention to detail guarantees you one thing; your DokLite will be part of your dock for years to come. 

Each year, we continue to work on developing more innovative products that not only make waterways safer, but also make them more enjoyable. Our newest product the GuideLite, gives directional guidance to anyone docking their boat in low light conditions. Our GuideLite is just another innovative product we hope will help save lives, as well as money when it comes to marine traffic.