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Have you ever taken a day trip on your boat only to lose track of time? When you get back to the dock, it’s dark, and you can hardly get your footing on the dock.

If you want to be safe around your boat at night, you need a dock light. The light can help you see if you need to get on and off or just walk around your boat at night.

Keep reading to learn what you should look for in a good dock light.


One of the first things you should consider when choosing a dock light is the color. You can choose from colors like blue and white, so you can find a light that matches your aesthetic.

If you use a public dock, you may also only be allowed to use specific colors. Some places may restrict colors so that they can maintain a specific look and so that you don’t disturb others nearby.

Consider if you need to use a specific color or if there’s a color you want. Then, you can narrow your search for the best solar dock light.


Next, you should consider how big your dock light can be. While most options are small, some are a few inches larger than others.

If you have a small post to use for your light, you should check the dimensions before you order. That way, you can make sure the dock light you choose will fit with your existing posts.


After you determine the color and size you want for your dock light, think about the shape or design. You can find some lights that sit like a cap on top of a post, and that can look very sleek.

But you can also find dock lights that are thinner and sit on top of a post. However, those lights may not cover the entire top of the post, which can be nice if you want something flexible.

When considering the design, you may also want to think about how the light will look next to the dock. Then, you can make sure it doesn’t stand out too much.


You should also think about if you just need one dock light or more. Some lights come in packs of two, but others only come individually.

If you need a couple of dock lights, you may want to look for packages with multiple lights. A pack is super helpful if you have a big dock and need to light different areas of it.

But even if you just need to light the area around your boat, you may still want two lights. That way, you can have a light on each side. The extra lighting can make you and others feel safer at night.


If you aren’t very good with tools, you should also consider how easy it is to mount the light to a post. Consider if you will put the light on a wood post or PVC piping and what tools you may need.

Some dock lights are much easier to mount than others, and they can be great for people without tools or experience. But if you want a light that requires more work to mount, you can still do it.

You may need to hire a professional or get help from a friend. That way, you can mount the best boat docking lights near the water.


Consider looking for a dock light with some added protection. That way, it won’t matter if you splash it when pulling your boat in or when you get a big rainstorm.

You want to make sure the light and electrical elements are behind a thick outer shell. If the electrical components are exposed, any rain or splashes may disrupt them and make your light unusable.

While you don’t need an industrial strength dock light, you should make sure it can withstand various conditions. Then, you won’t have to worry about the light breaking.


One of the benefits of a solar dock light is that you don’t have to worry about batteries or getting a new light entirely. The LED dock lights from DokLite are excellent since you don’t have to maintain or replace them.

You don’t need to put in new batteries. However, you do need to make sure you get enough sunlight during the day. That way, you can operate your lights throughout the night without any issues.

Consider if you live somewhere with a lot of sun or not. Then, you can make sure you have a backup light if your first one doesn’t shine bright enough.


In case something breaks or you need an adapter, you should consider what accessories are available. DokLite offers multiple accessories to help you install and maintain your dock light.

 You can get a replacement shell if it breaks. If you have a larger post, you can get a variety of sizes so that your dock light can fit proper.

Having a decent selection of accessories can help you decide on the best boat docking lights for you. You can make sure you have the tools necessary to fit your light to your dock.


Of course, you should also think about your budget. If you visit your dock a lot, you may want to spend more money on your dock lights since you can enjoy them more.

But if you hardly visit your dock at night, you may not need more than a single light. In that case, you’re better off saving that money now.

You can always invest in another dock light later if you decide to use your boat more. Then, you can make sure the extra cost is worth it for you.

Choosing a Dock Light

If you want to hang out on your boat at night, you need the best dock light you can get. But with so many options, it can be hard to decide on the right one.

Consider how many lights you may need, the color, durability, and any accessories you may want. Then, you can get the best solar dock light for you.

Are you ready to buy a dock light? Choose from our selection of products.

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!