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Are you looking for accessories for your new boat? Or are you wondering what extra items you can add to your setup? 

One of the most important things to look for in accessories for boat lifts is functionality. Choose an item that helps you maintain your boat dock and increases its longevity. 

So, what item gets you the most bang for your buck? 

Solar-powered dock lights are coming in as one of the hottest pieces yet. Wondering how they can help you? Read on to find out!

Safety and Convenience

The first and perhaps most important aspect of dock lights is that they provide safety. 

If you’re coming in from a late-night on the lake, you want to know where your dock is. The best way to do that? Make sure it’s brightly lit! 

Once you arrive at your dock, you’ll want to have adequate lighting to watch your step. The last thing you want is to slip or have your guests slip while exiting your boat. 

When you have lights at your dock, there’s no need to hold a flashlight. This way, when you grab up your gear and tie up your boat, you’ll have both hands free. 

Having dock lighting may also prevent damage or vandalism. When your dock is well-lit, others can see if intruders are around your boat. 


Having a dock light also allows you more time to work on maintenance and other projects at your boat lift. You no longer have to wait until morning or pack up at sunset. 

Whenever you notice issues with your dock or boat lift, you can inspect them right away. This increases your boat lift’s life as you can cut down on issues instead of leaving them to get worse. 


Sure, you want an accessory that will work for you. But upping your dock’s appearance isn’t so bad, either. 

By illuminating your dock, you’re highlighting the craftsmanship of your space. Your dock and boat lift will stand out against the rest, as you can pick from various light colors. You can also choose the fixture that fits you best, personalizing your dock further. 

Solar-Powered Dock Lighting

One of the most notable elements of having solar-power lights is the reduction in electric bills. Instead of wiring your dock lights to connect with the power in your home, solar-powered lights are independent. 

Solar lights are not only cost-effective but improve energy efficiency, too. You’ll save a bit of cash and feel better about your environmental impact. 

A beneficial feature of solar-powered lights is that they are automated. You can set them up to turn on whenever you want, as long as they are fully charged. Plus, even on cloudy days, they’ll absorb enough light to work for several hours. 

Ready For More Lit Boat Lifts?

Our products are custom built to fit any boat lifts’ specifications. Contact us today to get an estimate and chat about your dock lighting dreams!

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