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In the United States, about 1.6% of energy people use is actually solar-powered energy. 

One of the best uses for solar-powered energy is for your dock lighting. 

If you’ve never thought about lighting your dock up before, it might be time to consider it. There are plenty of benefits that can come from it as well; we’ll break them all down for you here!

1. Helps You Save Money

One of the best incentives to install some solar dock lights is that it will help you save money in the long run.

When you first start shopping around, you might realize that solar lights are more expensive than other non-solar options on the market. However, the money you save on electricity over the next few years will help make up for it. 

Solar lights get their power directly from the sun, and you don’t need to use any electricity to make them work. Plus, getting any electric wires out to your dock and close to the water can actually be more dangerous. 

Because you don’t need to have any wires, you won’t have to have a professional come out and install them either, which makes it easier for you to do on your own. 

Lastly, they’ll also offer a tax incentive in some states. You’ll have to check your state to see if they offer you money for using cleaner energy. 

2. Easy to Install

Another great pro to installing these lights is that they’re fairly easy to install as well. Some people don’t want to make the switch to eco-friendly lights because they think it will cost them more time and difficult to install.

However, there’s no wiring which means all you have to do is decide where on your dock you want them, and then you can just screw them in place. Because there’s no wiring, you can put them anywhere on your dock without having to worry about any restrictions from electrical issues. 

3. Improves Safety

Having lights on your dock just improves the safety of it overall. If you’re a fan of taking the boat out at night, you want to make sure you know exactly where the dock is so that you don’t hit it with the boat. 

Some people also have accidents and slip or fall off a dock because they can’t see where they’re going if they’re out on it at night. 

Even if the power goes out, your dock will still be lit up by the solar lights, thanks to the energy the sun provided during the day. 

4. Can Last for a Long Time

Unlike other lights that will burn out after a while, solar lights will actually last you longer until you have to replace them. For some lights, the batteries inside them can last you up to seven years before you’ll need to replace them.

If you get a light that has an LED bulb, that’ll be an even better option. These lights can last for thousands of hours before they actually burn out. 

However, to make sure that they last as long as possible, make sure that you take good care of them. With no wires or electrical components to worry about, it’s actually fairly easy. 

All you have to do is make sure you remove any dirt that builds up on the surface of the light. If the dirt builds up too much, the panel won’t be able to absorb any solar energy.

5. Don’t Always Need Constant Sun

Some people worry that their dock lights will go out if there are a bunch of cloudy days. However, this isn’t necessarily true. 

The sun does need to recharge the lights, but it doesn’t have to do it every day. The lights really only need a few hours to absorb sunlight, and then that sun’s energy is stored in a small battery. When the sun goes down, the solar panel will make the battery activate the LED light. 

If you have a few cloudy or stormy days, the batteries can normally hold enough of a charge to go a few days without needing any more energy or power from the sun. 

6. Easier to Use

Another added benefit is that these lights are easier to use. 

If one of them does die eventually, it’s easier to just buy a new one, screw it in, and replace it. You won’t have to worry about exposed wiring or hooking up another one. 

When you’re installing them, you should make sure that you put them somewhere sunny though. If your dock doesn’t get a lot of sun, you can always hook them up to a solar panel located somewhere else on your property. 

7. Different Styles and Shapes

The real advantage of choosing your own solar lights is that there are so many options to choose from. You can find ones in every different style, shape, or size that you want. 

For example, some of them are white solar caps that will help protect the lights and batteries from birds, harsh seawater, or bad rains. However, if you don’t like the white color, you can also get ones that comes in blue.

Discover More Reasons You Need Solar Dock Lighting

These are only a few reasons you need solar dock lighting, but there are many more benefits!

If you’re interested in enjoying these benefits on your dock, you should start shopping around for some options.

Thankfully, we have you covered!

If you have any questions about the lights that we offer for our docks, make sure that you contact us today!