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There were many instances of boat docking-related accidents in 2019. The best and most reliable way of avoiding these mishaps is dock lighting. 

But, what is dock lighting and what should you know about it before installing boat dock illumination?

That’s what we’re here for today. In this article, we’re covering the key dos and don’ts of dock lighting that all dock owners should know. 

What Is Dock Lighting?

Dock lighting refers to lights installed on your dock to illuminate the surroundings for both boats and the people around it. 

There are different types of dock lighting such as solar-powered dock lights and underwater LED lights. But why is dock lighting so important?

For starters, it’s a necessary safety precaution. Docks can be uneven and people are susceptible to tripping. The right lighting makes sure people can always see where they’re going. 

More importantly, boats that are passing through or looking to dock can clearly see where they’re going, preventing crashes and other accidents. 

It’s also a great security measure. The right dock lighting will illuminate the surroundings and prevent thieves from sneaking around. 

The Dos of Dock Lighting

Now that you know why dock lighting is important, let’s go over a few pointers to follow when installing some of your own. We recommend you follow these tips to get the most out of your dock lighting. 

Talk to Neighbors and Marina Manager

Before you install your lights, make sure you let your neighbors and your marina manager if you have a dock slip. You never know how much your lighting will affect the people around you seeing as it’s a substantial project. 

Install Solar Lights

Solar dock lights are becoming a must these days. They turn themselves on and off depending on the time of day, saving plenty of energy. They’re also powered by the sun which is perfect for most docks built in sunny areas. 

Underwater Dock Lights

Underwater lights are another great choice for boat dock illumination. Underwater lights make it easier for boats and residents to see where they’re going. It’s also a cool aesthetic boost. 

Colored Lighting

During inclement weather, colored lighting might just save people’s lives. Setting up colored lights where boats can enter and  where they can’t definitely help boats out. 

The Don’ts of Dock Lighting

Now let’s get into things that dock owners should avoid when it comes to lighting. Not all applications are good when it comes to dock lighting. Here are some examples:

Tall Bright Lights

Tall lights can blind boats when they’re docking in. They won’t be able to see the dock well, so try to keep lights at hip-level. 

Light Metal Casings

Metal casings can corrode when coming in contact with water. If your dock lights are made of metal casings, you compromise their lifespan. 

Not Lighting the Whole Dock

Many dock owners tend to forget about lighting the end of the dock. This is a crucial point since boats might miscalculate where your dock starts if they can’t see it properly. 

Leverage Dock Lighting Today

Installing dock lighting is a key safety and security measure for dock owners that also gives your dock a visual boost. Use this article to make the right decisions when lighting your dock. 

Looking for reliable dock lighting solutions? Contact us today or check out the rest of our blog for more informative articles!

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