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Is your dock splinter-central or a fun place to hang out with family and friends? If you’re lucky enough to live on the water, don’t let your floating platform go to waste. Take advantage of your location by creating an inviting space to relax and play.

A few small touches can make a big difference, and many dock updates are simple and affordable. It’s possible to give even the smallest area a resort-like feel.

If you’re not sure where to start, read on for 8 unique dock decorating ideas. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting dock parties for the whole neighborhood!

1. Hang a Hammock

Everyone loves swinging in the breeze. If you want to add an update to your dock that’s sure to get tons of use, buy a hammock. You’ll enjoy reading a book or sipping a cocktail while gently rocking yourself into a state of relaxation.

Hanging your hammock might require some creativity. Tie the ends around tall pilings, or suspend it from the roof, if your dock has one. For an extra special experience, some companies even produce hammocks that can be mounted over the water.

2. Add the Perfect Lighting

Updating your dock lighting is an easy, high-impact way to make your dock feel more welcoming. In addition to setting the mood, dock lights create a safer environment. Being able to see clearly while you fish or sip a beverage will go a long way to prevent accidents.

Our DokLite products can be installed in minutes, and they produce a gentle glow that improves visibility but isn’t blinding. The lights are solar-powered and programmed to turn on automatically after sunset. There are various DokLite designs available to suit any configuration – classic dock piling lights are a bestseller.

Underwater lights are one more detail lighting option to check out. They are beautiful to look at and will attract loads of fish. Combine underwater lights with DokLite products for the ultimate fishing setup.

3. Install a Ladder for Easy Water Access

Being able to take a quick dip is a major benefit of life by the water. Make entering and exiting the water a breeze by installing a ladder or steps on your dock. A simple aluminum ladder will do, but there are some fabulous nautical designs available online.

Try custom building something with wood to add pirate vibes to your space. If you really want to go wild, a dock swing is also a fun way to get your feet wet. Picture yourself cooling off all summer long.

4. Go Coastal

Set the stage for waterfront get-togethers with coastal decor. If your dock has a sitting area, ocean-inspired pillows are a festive favorite. A bowl of seashells and a few candles on the table will complete the look.

If you love DIY projects, wrap your dock pilings with thick rope to add nautical style. Signs are another cute way to spruce up your space. Hang a hand-painted one to remind your visitors that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

5. Float the Day Away

Is there any better feeling than floating in the sun on a warm day? Tie a few inflatable loungers to your dock and host a floating party.

There are endless shapes and sizes for sale. Choose a classic raft or bob up and down on a swan, an alligator, or a giant orange slice. Some versions even come equipped with a handy built-in cup holder.

Nothing says summer like floating with friends while sipping a cold beer.

6. Purchase a Unique Sculpture

Placing an interesting statue or sculpture on your dock will delight guests and passing boaters alike. Prop a mermaid on your piling for good luck, or go big with a trio of leaping dolphins.

If modern art is more your style, imaginative colors and shapes pair well with waves. Having a piece of artwork you love on the dock will make you smile every time you look out the window.

7. Create a Space for Cocktails or Coffee

If you don’t have a sitting area on your dock yet, what are you waiting for? Sipping your coffee next to the water while reading the newspaper is such a pleasure. Your dock is also the perfect location for a sunset cocktail.

Even if your platform is small, there are ways to incorporate seating. A folding cafe table and chairs can be stored between uses, and the arrangement will only take seconds to assemble.

For larger areas, consider a pair of comfortable chaise lounges with a table in between. The layout can double as a space for sunbathing or drying off after a swim.

8. Embrace Potted Plants

Plants are one of the best ways to add character to your dock. Buy a few planters that accentuate the style and colors of your property, then fill them with lush greenery. Smaller planters can be placed on dock pilings or your tabletop.

If your dock has a roof, install a few hooks for hanging planters. Allow potted plants to spill over the edges to create your own personal jungle. Don’t be surprised when boaters shout out compliments as they idle by.

Visit a local garden center for advice on hassle-free plants that will thrive in your outdoor planters. Native species require minimal care and watering, so you can relax instead of adding one more thing to your weekly to-do list.

Get Inspired by These Dock Decorating Ideas

Now that you have a few unique dock decorating ideas, it’s time to go build that outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you choose to install dock lighting, furniture, plants, or all of the above, you’ll be so glad you did!

Go ahead and share your dreamy dock photos on social media, if you’re ready to host. Your friends and family will be waiting for an invitation to your next waterfront party.

For visual inspiration and to find out why our customers love their DokLite products, visit our website today.

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!