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During the summer, your dock becomes the setting of many memorable evenings. Kids love to jump from the dock into lakes and marina waters, and often parents enjoy jumping with them.

However, for all the joy these times can bring, there’s a hidden danger lurking in the water. If you use wired dock lights, there’s a possibility that electricity from your wires can enter into the water. If this happens, it can result in electric shock drowning (ESD).

Unfortunately, this type of event has resulted in the deaths of many swimmers. Dock lighting trends have safety consequences that you must be aware of. In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of these dock lights and how to avoid them.

Ways to Avoid ESD

Before we get into ways to prevent ESD from happening, we’ll briefly explain ways to avoid the hazardous effects of wired docks. The simplest solution to ESD is to avoid swimming near the dock. Instead, find a spot that’s at least 50 yards away from any electrically powered dock to swim.

However, there is a concern here as well. Parents traditionally prefer their children to swim near the dock , because open water can be dangerous.

Another way to avoid this danger is by strictly following electrical codes and standards. In addition, hire professionals to inspect your dock twice a year. These professionals can locate any wiring issues and repair them, making your dock safer.

Lastly, consider using a device that will alert you of electricity in the water. This measure can do the most to protect swimmers without changing your lighting.

Lighting Trends: Solar Dock Lighting

Solar powered lights are the best alternative. In addition to avoiding a potentially fatal situation, these lights have a host of other benefits.

Among these benefits are their financial savings. Solar dock lights receive their power from the sun. As such, they won’t contribute to your electric bill. The fixtures themselves may cost more upfront, but after the cost of installation, and not having to pay an electrician to install them, they are more cost effective than electric lights.

Likewise, these lights are lower maintenance options. Since there are no wires to contend with, maintaining solar lights is a straightforward matter. All you have to do is clean the lights and change their batteries every several years.

Additional Dock Lighting Options

Solar dock lighting is the best way to prevent the risk of ESD from occurring in your water. However, there are other options that you can investigate. One cause of ESD comes from the overpowered voltage some people use for their dock.

Many first-time owners use 120V to power their dock lighting. This voltage presents all kinds of risks, so instead, switch to 12V electricity. This switch can help minimize ESD risks as well.

Buy Solar Powered Lights Today

Solar-powered lights are among the safest lighting trends in the docking world. Instead of allowing any risk for ESD, invest in solar lights today.

If you’re looking for the best quality lights, we have several stylish solar light options. Our lights save you money and are easy to install. Check out our store today!

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!