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If you own a waterside home, chances are — your docks aren’t safe enough.

You read that, and notice the depth of the body of water by the docks, and saw your hobbling child meandering just two feet away from the dock’s edge.

Or maybe you just thought, “Hey, dock lights look really, really pretty.”

Neither sentiment is wrong. Either way, installing both underwater and above-ground dock lights illuminate a dimension of your property in a way that’s great for both safety and design reasons.

So keep reading to understand the importance of both underwater and above-ground dock lights. We’ll let you know exactly how investing in dock lights is an investment in aesthetics and your family’s safety.

Above-Ground Lights

At night, dock lighting will stick out at you as you venture to the docks. It’ll also be the only thing helping you explore the darkness of a night by the water.

Dock Safety

Lights clearly indicate where there’s water and where there’s land. Paired with underwater lights, above-ground lights emphasize clear borders between these two bodies. This emphasis will make a world of difference to the chance of injury your dock can cause.


Since these lights are visible to passersby, customizability is important. Between LED and/or solar-powered dock lights, users will be able to choose from many bulb designs.

No matter the specific aesthetic or practical needs of users, they’ll be able to find a bulb design that fits both. There are also many bulb designs suited for a lower budget.


Above-ground dock lighting is typically placed at the border of the dock’s pathways. Not only does this prevent passersby from tripping on them, but it also lets them see where they’re going.

Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are not as readily noticeable as above-ground lights. But they look both stunning and subtle, all while offering practical luminosity.

Boat Safety

Water isn’t lit under boats only for others’ viewing pleasure. Underwater lights exist for the safety of those boarding the boat. Through great illumination, underwater lights light up the way for any passengers boarding the boat, preventing slips, falls, and/or injuries.

Underwater lights can also be used for pools or any body of water without a boat. This only increases the versatility of underwater lights and their safety features.


LED bulbs attract fewer insects than HID bulbs do, which is great for anyone trying to enjoy the docks. They’re also underwater, meaning that the insects that do come are farther away from the dock’s surface (and by extension, people).


Bulb design isn’t important for underwater lights since any onlookers wouldn’t be able to see the bulbs under the water anyway. But users can change the color and brightness of the bulbs they use. Doing so creates an ambiance that looks brilliant under slightly moving water, especially at night.

Let Dock Lights Light up the Way!

Both above-ground and underwater dock lights are crucial for safety and ambiance. Not only that, but a wide range of budgets and aesthetic preferences can accommodate the incorporation of dock lights.

At DokLite, we emphasize the importance of keeping your docks well-lit. Whether you want some pretty lights or don’t want your unsuspecting child to fall over the dock in the dark, contact us today to book your dock light installation!

If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for top quality Doklite products, contact us today!

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