The Original Solar Piling Cap

"Please Measure Each Piling Before You Order"

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More boat owners are turning to outdoor dock solar lights as their option to have a well-lit dock.

Water-resistant, impact-resistant, and easier to maintain solar outside lighting not only last a long time but creates a dependable product for your boat dock.

Are you thinking of getting outdoor solar lighting for your dock? Then check out these five tips to choose the right lighting and gain the most benefits.

1. Choose Function and Light Quality for Outdoor Solar Lighting

Choosing the best outdoor solar lights means knowing what their function will be. First, you need to know your needs.

Is the space on your dock tight?  What type of settings do you need?

Doklite solar lights for outside will meet your needs.

Doklite solar lights do not have wires so they are simple to install and can be put in tight places. They can be placed on top of your dock pilings or on the sides.

The maintenance of solar lights is inexpensive and easy. All you have to worry about is keeping your outdoor solar lights clean and replacing their battery when nessasary.

Lighting quality places is an important part in choosing outdoor solar lights. Solar outside lighting is now strong and reliable enough to be used for streetlights. If solar lighting is strong enough for drivers to rely on it is perfect for your dock.

DokLites use cell phone batteries which can last up to 7 years before being replaced. And they can power an LED bulb which lasts thousands of hours and provides very bright light.

2. Solar Outside Lighting Is Budget Friendly

Making the choice to purchase solar dock lights could be affected by their initial cost but once you learn how much money you will save the choice is easy!

The initial cost of solar lights will be more expensive than purchasing normal lights but the amount you save over time far outweighs the purchase cost.

Your electric bill, labor for installation and general maintenance are at a bare minimum with outdoor solar lighting.

Doklite solar lights are completely powered by the sun. Absolutely no electricity is involved which keeps your power bill unchanged. Wiring near water is expensive and dangerous. Since solar lights require no wiring your budget will remain intact.

You will also save on labor as solar lights for outside do not require a professional electrician to be installed. Without wires, all you have to do is find where you want to place your solar light and just screw it in.

Keeping solar lights clean is important because the amount of dirt covering them can affect how much sun they are able to absorb. To maintain solar lights outside all you need is dish soap and an old rag. Super cheap!

3. You Don’t Need Constant Sun to Use Solar Lights

Many people believe that solar lights for outside only work on sunny days. Of course, they need the sun to recharge but they don’t need the sun every day all day.

All you need is a good few hours for a solar panel to absorb radiation from the sun. Once your solar light has been exposed to sunlight the energy from the sun is stored in a small battery.

When the solar panel no longer detects light the power-filled battery is used to activate an LED light. Often the batteries can store enough energy to last several days without needing to recharge.

Your local weather will play a big role in your choice to invest in outdoor solar lights but as long as your solar panels get at least several hours of sunlight to reach a full charge there is no need to worry.

4. Solar Lights Have a Good Variety and Are an Accessory

Now the real fun can begin! Solar lights come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Dock solar outdoor lighting is no exception.

When it comes to DockLite outdoor solar lights you have a few options available to you.

White Solar Cap

The white solar cap comes in a few different sizes. You can choose from 8-inch, 9-inch, and 10-inch models. The cap is heavy duty and can resist anything from birds to a torrential downpour.

Solar Guidepost Lite

From custom-designed solar panels to patent-pending polymers used in the plastic the Guidepost Lite is built to last. It fits perfectly within the 2 inch PVC pipe that is accustomed to most boat lifts and it can be seen from long distances. It creates a “glow” effect to make sure you see every boat lift light.

Blue Solar Cap

The blue solar cap is the same as the white solar cap and installs the exact same way. The one difference is that it emits a blue light instead of white. If you are looking for an aesthetic charm the blue light creates a unique atmosphere.

5. Good Solar Lights for Outside Increases Safety

No one wants to be parking their boat and completely miss the dock or even hit it because of poor visibility.  Or have an accident occur involving those walking on the dock in the late evening hours.

You can avoid a handful of safety issues by proactively choosing the right lighting for your dock.

The most positive argument concerning outside solar lighting is that solar lights do not depend on electricity. If there is a power outage you can rest assured that your dock will continue to be safe and well-lit.

If your dock happens to be in a more shadier spot you can always have the option of having a solar panel installed in a place that receives more sunlight. All you have to do is have your solar light connected to it.

DockLite solar lights create that safety net by providing long-lasting and durable solar lights with a battery that lasts up to 7 years!

Solar Outside Lighting Is the Most Sensible and Practical Choice for Your Dock

Outdoor Solar lighting gives you a sense of durability, good quality lighting and an aesthetic look for your dock.

Not only do they look pretty but they are easy to install and super budget-friendly. You won’t have to worry about safety issues because despite any power-outage your outdoor solar lighting will continue to shine.

Go online today to to purchase the most reliable and easy to use solar dock lights!