The Original Solar Piling Cap

Marine Grade and Made in the USA

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5 Tips for Using Outdoor Solar Lighting for Your Dock

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Tags: Solar Dock Lights, Solar Lights for Docks, Solar Powered Dock Lights, Boat Dock Lights, Boat Docking Lights, Marine Dock Lights More boat owners are turning to outdoor dock solar lights as their option to have a well-lit dock. Water-resistant, impact-resistant, and easier to maintain solar outside lighting not only last a long time but […]

DokLite®: The Safest & Brightest Piling Cap In The World

Solar Piling Cap

The World’s Best Piling Cap DokLite Piling Caps were designed in the United States with one main goal in mind; safety. Each year, thousands of marine accidents involving marine constructions (docks, piers, etc.) plaque waterfront communities. Many of these accidents occur at night. The DokLite Piling Cap serves two purpose. First, it protects your pilings, […]

The Best American Made Piling Caps

Solar Piling Caps

Never Settle For Less At DokLite, we pride ourselves on creating the world’s safest, and strongest piling caps. After three years of design and development, our first product, the DokLite Solar Piling Cap was finally brought to market. It was initially designed as a Marine Aid To Navigation (ATON). Instead, we made the decision to make […]