The Original Solar Piling Cap

Marine Grade and Made in the USA

Please Measure Each Piling Before You Order

DokLite®: The Safest & Brightest Piling Cap In The World

Solar Piling Cap

The World’s Best Piling Cap

DokLite Piling Caps were designed in the United States with one main goal in mind; safety. Each year, thousands of marine accidents involving marine constructions (docks, piers, etc.) plaque waterfront communities. Many of these accidents occur at night. The DokLite Piling Cap serves two purpose. First, it protects your pilings, like traditional piling caps. Second, it illuminates your dock creating a more enjoyable and safer environment for everyone.

A normal piling cap may protect your pilings from weather and harsh conditions, but that’s all they do. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down, you’ll have trouble safely walking around your dock. Most importantly, other boaters in the waterway near your dock will not be able to see your dock. In turn, this will increase the risk of damage to your dock or other property from unsuspecting boaters.

Every DokLite is equipped with a solar panel. So, whenever the piling cap is not lit, it’s charging! You’ll never have to worry about changing or charging any batteries. DokLites will automatically turn themselves on each night, and off each morning. This ensures that your dock is lit during any low light conditions! By creating low-maintenance products, we can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your DokLife without having to worry about doing anything at all!