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At DokLite, we pride ourselves on creating the world’s safest, and strongest piling caps. After three years of design and development, our first product, the DokLite Solar Piling Cap was finally brought to market. It was initially designed as a Marine Aid To Navigation (ATON). Instead, we made the decision to make it available to anyone in the public markets. Its patented design uses military and aerospace grade technology. Its design meets the strictest of military and government standards. Every detail, down to our rubber encapsulated circuit boards, has been designed for longevity. The DokLite can be exposed to the harshest of conditions, including hurricane weather. The clear housing is impact resistant to protect the embedded electronics and premium lithium battery. All of this attention to detail guarantees you one thing; your DokLite will be part of your dock for years to come.

Each year, we continue to work on developing more innovative products that not only make waterways safer, but also make them more enjoyable. Our newest product the GuideLite, gives directional guidance to anyone docking their boat in low light conditions. Our GuideLite is just another innovative product we hope will help save lives, as well as money when it comes to marine traffic.