The Original Solar Piling Cap

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Your dock is an essential part of enjoying the good life. Whether it’s by a lake or on the ocean, your dock is the vital connection between you and the open water.

Dock lighting can make or break your boating or swimming experience. If you want the best out of your dock lighting, then you’ve come to the right place.

Proper lighting on your deck is a must for safety but also adds an aesthetic flare. Discover how to get the best lighting for your dock in this complete guide.

Safety First

When it comes to effective dock lighting, the answer could be a life or death situation. That may seem extreme but the truth is that proper dock lighting will keep you and your boat safe from major accidents.

The last thing you want is to run into your dock at night. This can cause major damage to your boat and harm you or the people you care about. That’s why we offer the Doklite Solar Piling Cap.

This solar cap can be placed along your dock’s fence posts. It was originally designed as a Marine Aid To Navigation (ATON). But we have made it available to the public with the utmost in quality.

Placement is important when determining your dock lighting. Be sure you have lights at the end of your dock so it is clear where it begins and ends.

You may also consider using colored lights to direct boat traffic in and out of your dock. For example, you may choose to use green lights on the side that boats are entering and red on the side they exit.

Be Kind & Courteous

When installing lights on and around your dock, you may need to consult with your neighbor or marina manager first.

Unless your property and dock are completely isolated, it always helps to be kind and courteous about installing lighting. Plus, if you share a dock with someone, they may be willing to split the cost with you.

Marinas also usually have rules about dock lighting in order to keep consistency throughout the marina’s appearance. So make sure you ask about this beforehand.

Wear & Tear

When it comes to your dock lighting, you need something that is going to withstand some serious wear and tear. Your lighting is going to be exposed to the elements 24/7. If your dock is in the ocean, you’ll also have to worry about the corrosive nature of salt.

That’s why we recommend choosing heavy duty material such as thick plastic for your lighting’s housing. Our lights use patented military aerospace-grade technology. This means they can withstand hurricane conditions.

It’s also important that the lights are wash down quality. That means they can be washed down with a hose. We manufacture every GuideLite in the USA. We use patent-pending polymers as well as custom-designed solar panels.

Each one meets the strictest of military and government standards. You can rely on our lights to last.

Powered by the Sun: Solar Dock Lighting

One of the best types of lighting for your dock is solar. Harness the energy of the sun to light up your dock. Not only will they turn on by themselves once it gets dark but they are also easy to install and you don’t have to pay to power them.

Solar-powered dock lighting is a quick and easy way to install lights on your dock. Plus, even if your dock is in a shaded area, you can simply set up a solar panel in a sunny spot that will charge your lights.

Solar piling caps are going to become your best friend when using your dock at night. Not only will they create pleasant ambient lighting, but you’ve also got an easy-to-spot outline of where your dock begins and ends. So you’re protected from other boaters.

Take Your Lighting On the Water

If you want to continue to stay safe on the water, then one of our Kayak Safety Lites is your best bet. You no longer have to worry about being seen by boaters or other marine traffic using this Kayak Safety Lite.

The light comes with everything you need to mount it on your kayak. Plus, it can be seen from long distances but is not blinding up close.

Do’s & Don’ts

When choosing dock lighting it’s important to put safety first. Lighting fixtures you should avoid are tall bright lights. While it may seem like a good idea to use a bright light over your dock this can actually cause an accident.

Lights placed along your dock are helpful to guide you in. However, tall, blinding lights are dangerous. They make it difficult for you to see the edge of your dock, which means you could end up in the wrong spot.

A good height is between 24-35 inches high. That way you won’t get confused about the location of your dock. It also allows you to see other boats clearly. An easy approach is to install lights along the top of your dock’s posts.

Next Level Lighting

Once you have your basic dock lighting installed for safety and other practical purposes. You might want to consider adding extra lights around your dock to add to its aesthetics as well as safety.

Additional lights can be added to walkways leading people to dry land. Also, installing lights along the water’s edge is both helpful and visually beautiful. Plus items like these DokLamps are easy to install on any flat surface.

Be sure that bright lights point downward rather than fanning outward over a large area. This will prevent light pollution and keep from blinding people. Your goal is to light pathways rather than annoy neighbors or other boaters.

Your Perfect Dock Lighting

Now that you know the ins and outs to create the perfect dock lighting, it’s time to get started on making your dock truly shine. Finding the right lighting for you can depend on your location and needs. Let us help you find the right lights for your dock.